You probably developed many resolutions for 2017 and chances are that your body fitness topped the list. The problem however is that many people who plan on having their fitness goals in place, often fail to achieve them. In fact, many fitness enthusiasts fail on their first three weeks and stagnate or quit completely. If you are in this hole, the following fitness rules are enough to get you back on track.

Maintain your routine without failure.

Being consistent in your workout regimen, nutrition and everything that you’ve drafted in your master plan beats everything. Remember that it is prudent to stick to strict fitness regimen that which is sustainable and effective. The best way to be consistent in your quest for total body fitness is by developing a habit that is worth sticking to. They include incorporating certain types of workouts, the number or reps and sets to include as well as the time and duration to do them. Committing yourself a few minutes to an hour of workouts for four days a weeks is highly advised.

Avoid junk food

When diet is mentioned in fitness program, one thinks of shopping, lots of cooking and going outside your mainstream junk food diet. While diet is one of the most overlooked of all fitness routines, it is actually the main reason for desirable results. Be sure to avoid pizza and burgers among other junk foods and include protein and veggies in your daily nutrition. The main idea behind including protein is for obvious reasons; to replace worn out tissues. It also keeps your stomach full and improve metabolism. Vitamins provide fiber and vital mineral needed for optimum health and a requisite for proper body fitness.

Incorporate a lot of Cardio

Since you are in quest to boost your fitness, do cardio. Cardio exercises offer many benefits that not only improves your general health but it also speeds up your road to ultimate fitness. These benefits include improved oxygen and blood circulation which boost brain and heart function as well as general health. Avoid vigorous exercises like interval training which increases the chance of joint injury and muscle annihilation. A 30 minute cardio exercise once or twice a weeks is healthy.

Workout more

There are effective exercises that are quite simple to do. For instance, do lots of push-ups, pull-ups, squats and lunges in the correct form. Include weight lifting to build some muscle and every time you work out, be sure to add a few pounds in your weights to stimulate muscle growth which translates to improved strength. While doing all these, fuel your body with carbs galore before and after the exercises. Healthy carbs includes potatoes, whole grains, rice and fruit.


This comes in two forms: for one, sleep not less than 7 hours each night and on the other hand, do not work out every single day but skip one day for rest. Rest means that you allow your body to recover and rebuild after strenuous exercises. So make sure to remember these rules every single day and make it a habit for long term fitness.